Company Profile

Plant Haul Pty Ltd is a privately owned, family business that was established in 2005. Previously Fahey Bros Excavation & Float Hire Pty Ltd, the business has been focused on over dimensional heavy haulage transport, Australia wide since 1988.

The company is based in Sydney, New South Wales. Specialising in local and interstate heavy haulage and over dimensional transportation. We have an experienced understanding and knowledge of the different heavy haulage laws and legislations put forth by the government bodies in all states of the country.

Utilising the latest GPS tracking technology we can track your load from pick up to delivery. At times we will also use the assistance of approved contractors to assist and help facilitate when we are unable to supply a company vehicle.

Our services include conducting route surveys, obtaining necessary permits and escorts, removal of obstacles (temporary or permanent), liaising with police and the organisation and management of third party equipment, such as cranes etc.

Plant Haul, for a Safe, Reliable Heavy Haulage Service